Oil Tank

Oil Tank
+  My oil tank is leaking what should I do?

It depends upon where the leak is occurring……

+  What are the requirements for fitting an oil tank?

There a very good guide for domestic installation “Fitting an Oil Tank” (downloadable pdf guide T1/131 from oftec) and available here…

+  I want to fit the tank myself- can you supply me the parts?

Absolutely. We can advise you on the right tank and equipment and supply at a very reasonable price. We also can provide you all the items for the base and supply lines etc……

+  I intend to remove my oil tank but there is still oil in the bottom – how should it be removed?

Any oil removed from the tank is classed as waste oil and is covered by extensive legislation on the disposal. Bryan G Paulley Ltd are registered to carry and dispose of waste oil and we also work closely on spills with the environment agency.

+  What is a Bunded tank?

A bunded tank is quite simply a tank within a tank. The outer tank has the ability to hold 110% of the volume of the inner tank, so if the worst does happen and the tank is pierced or overfilled then the leaked product will all be contained in the outer tank. Of course this does mean that bunded tanks are a bit larger than standard tanks but they do give you peace of mind.